"Joanne E Wright RN is the CEO of Health Review Board based in Alexandria, VA. In this capacity, Joanne assists clients with their personal insurance needs when issues arise with disputes between healthcare bills and claims paid as well as reviewing mistakes made by the billing companies for medical services not rendered but charged. Ms. Wright does these services with minimal compensation. she is highly regarded in her profession for her constant dedication, relentless commitment for justice. She is a dedicated professional in several esteemed professional organizations, activist in healthcare change, highly regarded in her community for offering her time educating the community in healthcare changes, need for education in fitness and diet to maintain a long healthy life."


- Princeton Global Review

Joanne has over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry. She started as an emergency room trauma nurse, interned in a Critical Care Unit, led fitness classes, and participated in Health & Wellness fairs for over 20 years. In addition, she's worked for a health insurance firm and been considered for recommendations for Alzheimers and Special Needs children. 
She is dedicated to helping others improve their health and wellness, and actively does research in Diet, Exercise, and homeopathic methods to further this dedication. 

Joanne Wright





Anna-Elyse joined Joanne Wright to launch Health Review Board's digital presence in 2016. Since graduating from the University of South Carolina, she has dedicated her career to helping small businesses in the Alexandria, VA area. She teaches group exercise classes and youth sports in her spare time, and is dedicated to furthering Health Review Board's mission to educate and bring expert health advice to communities and individuals.


We are an independent contracting firm providing personalized health and wellness plans for individuals, families, and corporations. Along with community support promoting disease awareness, and trends in health and wellness. We strive to simplify and clarify wellness in the dynamic healthcare industry, and to provide the most personalized plans possible.
In order to do this, we offer several services with check-ins and in-home consultations at our clients' convenience. We take the time to get to know our clients and their strengths, weaknesses, wants, and needs. Let us take the the stress and planning off your hands. We have decades of healthcare experience and knowledge to ensure you are getting the best plan possible. 


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Letters of Appreciation from Little Sisters of the Poor, a catholic-run nursing home in DC

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