Personalized plans designed for your specific needs.

Every Thursday, tune in at 7pm EST for live info sessions on variety of health and wellness topics. 

Presentations, biometrics screenings, and wellness incentive plans for your office.

Free information sessions and open discussions on a variety of topics.


Joanne knows awareness is the first step toward leading a healthy life. As much as possible, she seeks o provide education and awareness about pressing health and wellness issues to the communities of the Washington DC Metro Area. She provides free talks at churches, community centers, libraries, and local schools about changing trends in the healthcare industry and disease awareness and prevention. 

To support Health Review Board's continued dedication to providing health and wellness discussions to these communities, please consider donating below. Donations fund the necessary resources and support Health Review Board provides to these communities. 



Dementia / Alzheimers 

Pediatric Injury Prevention


Lyme Disease

Brain Injury

Weight Loss

Diet & Nutrition

Health Review Board aims to build a community of support for caregivers, those taking care of loved ones at home, and individuals pursuing to better their own health and arm them with the resources they need. Our leader, Joanne Wright, leads open forum discussions on an array of care topics on the first and third Thursday of the month co-hosted with health professionals around the country. Topic focused each week - check news section for weekly topic. Short 10-minute presentation followed by an open question-answer session. 


DIET & Exercise GUIDES

Designed to prevent ailment, our health and wellness plans incorporate exercise, diet, and lifestyle tips designed to keep you living healthy. We teach you how to create your own workouts and meal plan and a comprehensive schedule to keep your body in a routine that is conducive to your lifestyle. 

To keep you on track, we'll hold you accountable to regularly scheduled check-ins that include taking biometrics like BMI (body mass index), body fat percentage, blood pressure, and heart rate. 


Corporate wellness plans don't have to be just for large organizations. A primary goal of Health Review Board is to bring affordable corporate wellness plans to small businesses in a variety of custom packages that best suit your business. These can include ...

  • Biometrics

  • Yearly Evaluations

  • Stress Relievers and Relaxation Techniques

  • Yoga and fitness classes

  • Building a wellness committee within organization

  • Organize weight loss competitions

  • recipes

  • Personalized presentations based on organization's needs, seasonal health changes, and changing healthcare trends

Community discussions

Joanne, leads community discussions and panels on an array of health and wellness topics. Everything from information sessions on common diseases signs and symptoms, to prevention, wellness promotion, and managing the financial cost of health. In addition to discussions, Health Review Board provides informational materials such as bookmarks and magnets, individualized plan-of-actions, and 


I give presentations, individualized informational sheets per topic, bookmarks and informational materials, lead open forum discussions. 

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For your convenience, we offer virtual consultations and can happily travel to you in the Washington DC Metro Area