Food for thought!

Food for the brain! I firmly believe in eating for brain clarity. People with brain fog know what I am talking about....This can be from ADHD, Lymes, Dementia, or other diseases that affect the brain. Coconut, Flax seed, organic chocolate, coffee and Chia are my favorite brain foods for many reasons. Clarity, purity, cleansing, detoxifying, Omega 3 and Omega 6 benefits. I have read all the diet plans out there, Bulletproof, Paleo, South Beach, ect.; each have there own type of benefits however, I like to incorporate many different philosophy's and methods for individual successes.

Clearing brain fog is essential to your wellbeing. Eating clean and making sure you health is running at optimum capacity can only be arrived by re-evaluating your thought process concerning food for health. Use food for thought not for pleasure. Pick natural organic food over GMO and processed food. Make sure you read labels. Hidden allergens are always risk when buying commercial food. People with Lymes, Lupus, ADHD, HIV, and Cancer have benefited tremendously be these methods.

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