Removing heavy metals and other toxic materials is essential for brain and nervous system health.  Heavy metals such as Aluminum can be eliminated by using a regimen of drinking mineral water which has a high concentration of Silica and Sulfer with a high Alkaline level with enhance the removal of heavy metals from you body by excreting them through your urine.  Some of these waters include the German brands Selzer and Gerolsteiner, Figi, Wiakaki, Voss and others.  These waters all have been lab tested by various private labs and has been known to help eliminate toxic heavy metals.  

     Why the concern over this?  The concern is the excessive vaccinations required for children which all the vaccinations contain heavy metals including Aluminum and Mercury.  So knowledge is important to protect your family when getting vaccines to avoid getting any complications from the administration of vaccines.  

     It is important to consume 1 liter of mineral water per day prior to getting vaccinated and the same for at least 10 days after receiving the vaccines.  Avoid any alcohol prior to getting vaccine and at least five days after getting vaccine.   This includes HPV, Flue, Pnneumonia Vaccine, and any Vaccines required for overseas travel.  This regime is essential for elimination of the toxic additives to the vaccines.   

     The mineral waters that I haves discuss above contain naturally Silica, Sulfer, and Bicarbonate which aid in the elimination of the heavy metal toxins by binding to them and exceting them through urine.   

     Aluminum has been linked to early onset Altheimers, Mercury is a known neurotoxins, so it is important to have a mechanism to eliminate these toxins from your body.

     Water that comes from a natural springs or underground volcanic water stream appear to test to have the highest Silica and Sulfer content.  To me Wakaiki and Figi have the purest taste!  Meaning crisp clean no taste at all.  Gerolsteiner water has the nastiest taste but has a high Sulfer content.  After drinking the Gerolstener water it appeared that my kidneys where working overtime and I was voiding all the time.  

     Keeping hydrated during the summer months is also important as well.  Pure clean hydration is best however distilled water or home purified water can help prevent excessive toxins from water sources.  I am not advocating to drink strictly bottled water however a liter a day of pure clean water or mineral water should do no harm and possible help clear out the toxins from your body.   I hope you try this and experience the mind altering effects of ridding your body of heavy metals!