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Breaking Down the Bulgarian Diet

Grass Fed Cattle

Feeling under the weather? Try Bulgarian Yogurt (Timora).

The Bulgarian diet is about more than just losing weight. It emphasizes a preservative-free diet, consuming food the way our bodies are built to do. Farmers in Bulgaria are not allowed to plant GMP crops, and less than 10% of their population is considered obese, compared the a 65% obesity rate in the United States. American obesity has been primarily attributed to prepackaged and fast food full of hidden preservatives, GMOs, and sugar. The prevalence of these foods is significantly larger in the US compared to the rest of the world. Cutting out the preservatives and sugars will have a tremendous impact on weight loss and improving overall health.

A staple of this diet, Timora Bulgarian Yogurt, helps as an antiviral and replenishes your gut flora to help your immune system. Combined with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil twice daily, Bulgarian Yogurt will keep your immune system on track and aide weight management. For the past two months, coconut oil, Bulgarian yogurt, flax seed, and Maca have been a mainstay in my diet. I was experiencing severe food allergies, which made me look and feel severely ill. My immune system was low, I had chronic migraines, and fatigue. I couldn't understand how eating foods I had consumed my whole life could cause such a severe reaction in my body. After trying the Bulgarian diet and regularly working in the above foods, I now have clearer skin, look radiant and healthy, and I no longer am having severe food reactions. In addition, I have regularly eat turmeric, capsaicin, cinnamon, lemon water, avocados, and spinach.

The second key element of the Bulgarian diet, is wild grass-fed meat. The early maturation of females in the US can be attributed to hormones, antibiotics, and GMO grains found in industrialized meats. The American diet, with the preservatives and additives found in most fast foods has caused a nationwide generation health problem that has global repercussions. If families went back to the basics - fresh foods, fresh vegetables, organic meats - their lifestyles and health would be significantly improved; and have less illness and greater energy.

The body is not built to absorb, digest, and intake foreign substances like preservatives, dyes, pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones. It needs whole foods that possess the nutrients needed to fuel a healthy life - you know, the reason we eat food to begin with. I do not believe in one main organic diet program, but rather, take a broad view of basic health and wellness resources to individualize a person's diet and exercise regime. The science of diet and health is infused in how we live our lives, if we want to live long and healthy, we must understand how food works to fuel us and master the science of healthy eating.

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